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Skin Condition: Blemish

Is my skin blemished?

Perfect skin doesn't exist. You know that beauty of a magazine, a model and an actress? That's unreal. What we do know is that, when well treated, the skin çookshealth. Today we are going to talk about some issues that can sometimes be seen as skin imperfections, and understand how to take care of and accept yourself.

Each skin is unique, and has its defects and qualities. Some are more similar to each other, but know that there is a huge variety of skin imperfections, which can change texture, oils, color and other natural features of the face.

What are the characteristics of blemish on my skin?

Some blemishes are congenital, that is, they are born with the person. This is the case of the well-known birthmarks, which can arise for reasons that only science can explain. These patches on the skin can be pale, dark, coffee au lait, and even redder, known as angiomas.

Other imperfections are the result of skin diseases acquired during life. This is the case of brownish spots, such as melasma, very common during pregnancy, and solar melanosis, which arise with age due to exposure to the sun, or as symptoms of stress on the skin.

What to avoid to minimize a blemish effect on the skin?

Start to remove impurities at the end of the day by washing your face twice a day with a soap suitable for your skin type. Then dry it gently, without rubbing the towel;

Hydrate from the inside out (drinking plenty of water and eating fruits and vegetables) and from the outside to the inside (applying a good moisturizer and serum for your blemished skin type when you wake up and before bed);

Use sunscreen daily and in sufficient quantity (half a teaspoon for each application on the face), even when spending all day indoors. This is because the so-called visible light, emitted by lamps and electronic devices, causes stains and accelerates aging. Colored sunscreens are a great option as they protect and help reduce skin imperfections.